Stellar Promotions caters to business needs of sales promotion, road shows, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, sports events, musical nites, and many more such services withen the ambit of event management, Since its inception,The experienced team at Stellar Promotions think with their. customer hats on,delivering customized solutions tailored to every client's need. Good design has the power to involve, inform, motivate and sell. It translates emotion into images & create lasting impression.

At Stellar Promotions  we believe that design must reflect the basic qualities of company & their products,clearly with great imagination to attract & hold attention. Stellar Promotions  is creative design group, handling projects of exhibit stall design, corporate launches, sets, Back Drops, Promotions, Fabrication, in house and Exterior Displays, etc. Successful exhibit design requires a blending of space planning, product design & graphics and an understanding of structure and materials. We offer our potential clients the opportunity to use an experienced team to produce a total package specifically suited to their individual requirement and budget.  Stellar Promotionshas defined its role to communicate your objective clearly and effectively.